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Eid Mubarek - Sunday, May 24, 2020 / Shawal 1441

CoronaVirus Important Announcement: All Prayers are Cancelled

Assalamu Alaikum

We would like to inform you that we will take the following measures to protect our community :-

1-Close the weekend school until further notice .

2- cancel the Monday and Thursday iftars until further notice .

3- close the basketball 🏀 court until further notice .

4- cancel the Sunday iftar until further notice .

5- cancel the youth program until further notice .

6- All prayers are cancelled until further notice .



May Allah protect us All

Zakat Alfitr

Assalamu Alaikum
How to pay Zakat Alfitr:- pay online -open the link at the bottom of this page or just click Make Donation above

If you want to pay zakat al-fitr, open the link at the bottom of the message or just click Make Donation above and you will find a special category dedicated for paying zakat al-Fitr, the amount is $10.00 ten dollars minimum for each member of your family , but you can pay more than $10.00 ten dollars for each member of your family .

زكاة الفطر
اذا اردت ان تدفع زكاة الفطر فافتح الرابط في اسفل هذه الرسالة وستجد انه يوجد خانه مخصصة لدفع زكاة الفطر ، وقيمة زكاة الفطر هي ١٠ عشرة دولارات عن كل فرد من افراد عائلتك كحد ادنى ولكن يمكنك ان تدفع اكثر من عشرة دولارات عن كل فرد .
اذا اردت ان تدفع كاش او شيك فيمكنك ان تجلبه للاخ خالد الذي يداوم في المسجد كل يوم ما بين الساعة ٥ مساءا الى الساعة ٧ كل يوم .

If you want to donate by check or cash you can come to the masjed and pay Br khaled who is available every day between 5:00 PM till 7:00 PM
or you can call them at :-
Br Khaled Suliaman- (817) 845-4309
Mushtaq – (817) 896-0155
Jazakum Allah Khair

The link :-




Welcome to the website of the Dar El-Eman Islamic Center (DEIC)! DEIC is located in the heart of the beautiful city of Arlington. Our mission is to serve the religious needs of the Muslim community of Arlington.

DEIC offers services related to but not limited to five daily prayers, Friday prayer, and educational sessions through talks and seminars. DEIC, in collaboration with other Islamic institutions in DFW area, is involved in providing various social services like food collection and distribution to those who need the most.

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